GTC Kochi

Global Trading Corporation Stepped into Footwear industry in 1983,It was in West Kochi as a deluxe retail outlet with wide range of footwear collections.In 1988, GTC started the first wholesale division at Mattanchery even though it was a small scale venture it drawn out a big growth within a short while. GTC moved into Pallimukku Ernakulam in 1993 and on the same year GTC started a fruitful branch at GCDA Complex, Marine Drive as 'Shoe Shoppe'. This retail branch still continues to bring out the tastes and preferences of customers to footwear market.30years of competency in footwear industry brings a trusted face to GTC in the minds of customers.

GTC is the first company to import Trolley bags to kerala and strengthened the market position in 2008 by the introduction of 'Swiss sky' Traveling bag. GTC company again glows in the footwear industry by establishing 'Sky Kids' brand in 2012.The trendy styles and designs of Sky Kids made a boom in the kids footwear industry .GTC knows the heartbeat of the customers, Which is the primary reason for the ever increasing patronage of customers continues to around for GTC's traveling bags and footwear globally. GTC is on process of their dream endeavor 'Rodeo X1' which will surely hold on GTC's reliability and trustworthiness to the maximum extend. GTC research team is still persisting on innovative path to bring out the day-to day changing customer choices to footwear market which helps GTC to keep its uniqueness over World Wide.

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